Surah Ar Rahman Beautiful Recitation

Surah Ar Rahman Beautiful Recitation

Surah Ar Rahman Beautiful Recitation | Quran Tilawat | Quran Recitation Really Beautiful | Soothing

Surah Ar Rahman Beautiful Recitation
Surah Ar Rahman Beautiful Recitation

Topic : Surah Ar Rahman Beautiful Recitation

The surah speaks of the innumerable favors that Allah bestowed on her man. It is one of the sweetest and soul-awakening suras of the Holy Quran. When recited with pure intention, Surah Rahman, sincerity, and the desire to understand its meaning bring you closer to Allah.

It helps to increase gratitude and appreciation towards Allah for the countless blessings from him. It is one of the most beautiful ways to praise Allah. Allah loves when his man shows gratitude, humility, and meekness to his Creator. Therefore, the recitation of Ar-Rahman is full of blessings.

There is an excellent reward for reciting Ar-Rahman. It is very beneficial to recite Ar-Rahman daily.

Sura Rahman is said to purify the heart from evil and hypocrisy. Especially if you recite it after the Fajr prayer on Friday, cleanse your soul of hypocrisy, which is one of the greatest sins. The recitation of Ar-Rahman will also serve as a source of comfort and relief on the Day of Resurrection when everyone would be desperate for any good deed.

On the Day of Judgment, Ar-Rahman would appear as a very handsome man who would have a beautiful scent. The person would identify all those who recited Surah Rahman during his lifetime. The person would be allowed to intercede for all these people, and Allah the Merciful will forgive them. Such is the undeniable glory of Ar-Rahman.

This Ar-Rahman protects a person from all kinds of trials, difficulties, and miseries. When it is recited at night, Allah sends an angel to serve as the person’s guardian throughout the night. When recited in the morning, Allah sends an angel to protect the person throughout the day until sunset.

Surah Rahman is said to have miraculous effects on sick and sick people. Many diseases like cancer, blood pressure, diabetes, and many more are cured by Allah Almighty’s grace when a person recites Ar-Rahman daily. Ar-Rahman is also very beneficial for people with eye diseases.

People with children who are reaching the age of marriage but who, unfortunately, cannot find suitable companions; Seek the blessings of Surah Rahman, as reciting him helps to find a suitable partner for marriage.

A person who recites Ar-Rahman regularly will see his heart purified. If a person dies after reciting Ar-Rahman, he is considered a martyr.

So get in the habit of reciting Ar-Rahman every day to benefit from this beautiful gift from Allah.

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Surah Ayatul Kursi Beautiful Recitation 1000 Times

Surah Ayatul Kursi Beautiful Recitation 1000 Times _ Soothing Relaxation _ Quran _ Nature Relaxation

Surah Ayatul Kursi Beautiful Recitation 1000 Times | Soothing Relaxation | Quran | Nature Relaxation

Surah Ayatul Kursi Beautiful Recitation 1000 Times _ Soothing Relaxation _ Quran _ Nature Relaxation
Surah Ayatul Kursi Beautiful Recitation 1000 Times _ Soothing Relaxation _ Quran _ Nature Relaxation

Topic: Surah Ayatul Kursi Beautiful Recitation 1000 Times

  1. The holy prophet (PBUH) said: whoever recites the first 4 ayat of sura al-Baqarah (chapter: The cow), then Ayatul Kursi, and then the last 3 ayat of sura al-Baqarah, it will not be his wealth. Or himself, Shaitan will not approach him and will not forget the Qur’an.

2. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said: The Quran is a big word, and Sura al-Baqarah is the head of the Quran and Ayatul Kursi is the head of Sura al-Baqarah. In Ayatul Kursi there are 50 words and for each word, there are 50 blessings and good.

3. Whoever recites Ayatul Kursi every morning will be under the protection and safety of Allah until nightfall.

4. If we tie this to his wealth or his children, they will be safe from Satan.

5. Our Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said: These things enhance memory: sweets, meat from an animal that is slaughtered in an Islamic way near the neck, lentils, cold bread, and the recitation of Ayatul Kursi.

6. For those of our loved ones who have passed away, reciting Ayatul Kursi and giving it as Hadiya / Sawab, gives them light (noor) in the grave.

7. Frequent recitation facilitates one’s own death.

8. When leaving the house, if recited once, the Almighty has a group of angels who will come to protect him. If recited twice, 2 groups of angels are assigned. If it is recited 3 times, Allah tells the angels not to worry because the Almighty Himself takes care of it.

9. The Holy Prophet said: If one recites Ayatul Kursi before going to sleep, Allah will send an angel to take care of him and protect him.

10. When you are alone in the house, reciting Ayatul Kursi and asking Allah for help will keep you calm and you will not be afraid.

11. The Holy Prophet said: When leaving home, if someone recites Ayatul Kursi, Allah will send 70,000 angels to do Istighfaar for him until he returns home and on his return, poverty will make him feel poor.

12. Whoever recites it after each prayer, his salat will be accepted, and he will remain in the safety of the Almighty and He will protect them.

13. Allah said to Prophet Musa (peace be upon him): If someone recites it after every salah, the Almighty will give his grateful heart (Shakireen), give him a reward from the prophets, and his works will be like those of the truthful ones (Siddiqeen).

Quran to sleep well for babies and adults | Maximum relaxation and overcome insomnia and tranquility

Listening to Ayatul Kursi from the Holy Quran to make it easier for you to sleep is also very good for babies and children who have difficulty sleeping.

Whoever reads Ayat al-Kursi before going to bed will be protected by two angels until morning.

Anyone who reads Ayat al-Kursi before leaving home will be protected by Allah until his return.

Anyone who reads Ayat al-Kursi in the morning and at the beginning of Sura N 40 “Gaafir” will be safe until evening, and if he reads at night, he will be safe until morning.

Kutbubbin Bakhtiyar (Rahmatullah’saleih – Allaah have mercy on him) said: “Allaah will save the home of the person who reads Ayat al-Kursi before leaving home.”

Read 33 or 99 times a day for safety and blessing.

While reading Ayat al-Kursi, the evil geniuses are thrown out of the room.
Read 3 times before bed, especially if nightmares bother you.

Who on Friday, preferably in solitude, will read Ayat al-Kursi 70 times after the Al-Asr prayer (the third in a row), will begin to see the inner spiritual light, and all the dua that is made at that time will be accepted by Allah.

Before any test that a person needs to prove, be it an encounter with negative people or some other danger in the form of a natural element, etc. you should read Ayat al-Kursi.