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Dawoodi Bohra Miqaats of the Month Moharram

Dawoodi Bohra Miqaats of the Month Moharram

Topic: Dawoodi Bohra Miqaats of the Month Moharram

Ashara Mubaraka 1443 3

MIQAATS OF THE MONTH Moharram-ul-Haram

1 Urs ni raat :   Al Mukasir Syedi Khanji Feer Saheb (A.Q.) Udaipur
1 Urs ni raat :   Maulaya Raj Bin Maulaya Hasan (A.Q.) Ahmedabad
6 Urs ni raat :   Syedi Shaikh Pheer Jamaluddin (A.Q)
6 Urs ni raat :   Syedna Ismail Badruddin (RA) Jamnagar , 38ma Dai Al Mutlaq
9 Urs ni raat :   Maulaya Ahmed (A.Q.) Khambat
9 Urs ni raat :   Syedna Zoeb Bin Moosa (RA) Hoos (Yemen) Pehla Dai Al Mutlaq
15 Urs ni raat :   Syedna Hatim Bin Syedna Ibrahim (RA) Hutaib Mubarak (Yemen) Tijaa Dai Al Mutlaq
16 Urs ni raat :   Maulaya Masood Bin Maulaya Sulaiman (A.Q.) Dhrangadhra
16 Urs ni raat :   Mulla Mohammedalisaheb Bin Sayedi Najamkhansaheb (AQ) Pune
16 Urs ni raat :   Syedna Ibrahim Wajihuddin (RA) Ujjain ,39ma Dai Al Mutlaq
17 Urs ni raat :   Syedi Ghani Feer Bin Dawood Ji Shaheed (A.Q.) Kalavad
22 Urs ni raat :   Maisaheba (Dandi Gaam, Gujrat)
22 Urs ni raat :   Syedi Hasanfeer Shaheed (A.Q.) Denmal
26 Urs ni raat :   Syedi Fakhruddin Shaheed (A.Q.) Taherabad
27 Urs ni raat :   Syedi Moosanji Bin Taj Shaheed (AQ) Baroda
28 Urs ni raat :   Maulaya Hasan Bin Maulaya Adam (A.Q.) Ahmedabad
30 Urs ni raat :   Syedna Ali Bin Maulaya Hasan (RA) Sanaa (Yemen) 10ma Dai Al Mutlaq
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